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Digital Marketing

Do you need Digital Marketing?

With the simple fact, that you are on this webpage- and reading it, implies that you have felt the need for taking services on Digital Marketing for your Product or Business. That’s a right decision!!

There are numerous reasons why digital marketing will help grow your business, to name a few:

  • With a mediocre budget, you can tap a huge audience of internet user. Thus giving your product a vast exposure to the consumers
  • You can cut down on your sales employees and their expenses, thus saving on fixed cost
  • You have better controls over measuring the impact of the marketing campaign, such as cost per lead (CPL), Click through rate (CTR) and Conversion to Sales.
  • Specific Marketing Campaigns like SEO, Social Media Campaigns and Email Marketing are very effective in generating quick and effective interaction with targeted audience.
  • Revenue vs Cost is much higher, meaning by paying less, you can get more business done
  • You can innovate your Digital Marketing Campaign to be customer segment specific for Increasing Customer Satisfaction, Retention and Experience. You can tailor make your offers to specific customers too!
  • Social Media can help create brand awareness and brand ambassadors through voice of customers
  • Online reviews and customer testimonials generate people’s trust more effectively
  • Eye catching and attractive campaigns can entice a customer to generate favorable action like Sign-up, Download, Call, Buy, Cart, Like

E-commerce market in India is pegged at INR 2 lac Crores! Mobile phone accessories account for 57% growth followed by Retail spend of 49%. Apparels are projected to reach INR 72 thousand crores. Most shoppers fall in the age group of 16-34 years 1.
With the Internet user base in India expected to cross 500mn shortly 2 which makes it even more crucial to tap these potential customers.

Why Choose Us

  • We take full accountability of the email marketing campaign- right from idea inception, data management, creating campaign and launching.
  • We generate powerful Customer Value Proposition ( CPV) which encourages your existing customers to stay loyal and engage new customers
  • Every campaign we do is measurable, and we monitor the effectiveness through web analytics, track responses and provide updatesto you
  • Our Digital Marketing experts will ensure the campaigns are targeted to Maximize leads and conversion rate and ROI’s
  • Delivering ON TIME is our obsession, which ensures swift turn-around time on every project we initiate.
  • We are Cost Effective- and do not compromise on Quality. We use “ Top-of- The- Line” back end tools to ensure seamless Marketing Campaigns
  • We are there for you 24x7x365x n years! You can count on us years later, when you need us and we will be there for you ON TIME- EVERY TIME!!
Why Choose Us

We offer the following services in Digital Marketing Space:

  • - Search Engine Optimization ( SEO)
  • - Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • - Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • - Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • - Apps Store Optimization (ASO)
  • - Advance Web Analytics
  • - Online reputation Management (ORM)
  • - Affiliate Marketing


Search Engine Optimization has been widely accepted as an important tool to ensure that your website Ranks higher on search engine result pages, thus ensuring increase in traffic to your website. Technicalities in SEO like meta tags and keywords ensure quality traffic. The Analytics in SEO enable accurate results of return on investment through quantifiable tracking. Another advantage is that awareness and usability of your site increases.

Why Us:

  • We ensure maximum traction on search engines
  • We classify top keywords and compete for them, thus ensuring High Web Traffic and Conversion Rates
  • Our SEO Services ensure you Our SEO Services ensure you High Return On Investment through guiding pertinent website traffic, higher sales conversion and increased brand awareness
  • Our dedicated SEO Experts are available 24x7x365 days to address any issues and concerns


This is a Proactive approach; to actively market your website through various search engines, for ensuring a prominent place in front of prospects eyes. The audience is highly engaged and have made up their mind to buy the product and you are right there in front of their eyes with your product offering! Through SEM you have the advantage of making changes real-time, that is you alter your product offering message through changes in website contents and keywords based on the shift of spending behavior of the customers on-the- fly. Another important advantage of SEM is its tracking mechanism of campaign spend vs revenue generated, which is very precise.

Why Us:

  • We have years of experience and competency to manage paid advertisement that appear on SERPs ( Search Engine Results Pages )
  • We have the knack to identify the perfect moment when the customer is motivated to buy a product and we ensure your product is displayed
  • Our SEM engineers are specialists in identifying the right keyword to ensure more strike rate.
  • We are masters in Ad auctions! We know all the tricks- of- the- trade to ensure minimal spend with maximum results.
  • Our campaigns often figure with the best quality scores
  • Our dedicated SEM Experts are available 24x7x365 days to address any issues and concerns

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Today the whole world practically runs on Social Media. Whether it’s Product Branding, Advertising, Selling, Prospecting for new customers, Voicing your opinion, Conducting Surveys, Relationship Building, Getting connected, Building reputation, trust worthiness and Buying.... you name it all and everything is done through social media marketing (SMM). There are numerous platforms which help in advocating SMM, to name a few Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Slideshare, Meerkat, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google+, Yahoo Answer, Pinterest and many more. SMM has helped numerous organizations in elevating brand awareness, increasing web traffic, augmenting conversion, Creating Brand Identity and Image, interacting with key opinion leaders and closing deals.
For an effective SMM, the backbone would be web links, Content quality, Innovative campaigns, Precise Keywords, Analytics to measure the success rate and

Why Us:

  • Our Exclusive SMM professional work to offer you SMM services which includes - Social Listening, Strategizing, Contest development and implementation and Real-time monitoring and reporting
  • Our SMM experts are masters in designing the Social Media Marketing Strategy, and will carefully devise a plan for your organization, after analyzing your product positioning, marketing messaging, competition strategy and future goals.
  • We have developed many killer content strategies for SEO which have resulted in our customers achieving top slots in SERPs.
  • Our Social Media Campaigns have resulted in increase in customer relationship with our clients. The results of which are properly tracked and documented.
  • We have gone-the- extra-mile to build Opinion leaders, Voice of Customer and Thought Leaders for our clients, which has been very much appreciated
  • We have developed a niche for Ecommerce customers through enhanced relevant traffic and resulting high sales


Social Media Optimization enables you to drive traffic from additional sources rather than only search engines, like blogs, podcasts, video logs, message boards. SMO has the advantage of employing Word of mouth publicity through ‘viral’ spread of information amongst peers and acquaintances. Links generated through social media sites are increasingly looked upon as relevant links by search engines. Sharing information by the end user is what carries an impact for SMO being the most effective medium for e marketing. SMO enables effective medium for creating communities through Posting in forums, sharing pictures and views.

Why Us:

  • Our expert ‘reviews and comments’ ensure wide spread traction amongst social websites.
  • We have a panache of generating reputable links including Inbound links; through bookmarking, posting and sharing in social media sites, which bears an influence on traffic generation. We effectively use Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, MySpace and Hubpages
  • We engage audience effectively through articles, press releases, photos, blog posts, discussion participation and videos, thereby giving effective traction to your products and services
  • Our SMO experts, will build communities and share your product and services through online presence effectively.
  • Our dedicated SMO professionals are available 24x7x365 days to address any issues and concerns


The major advantage of using App Store Optimization (ASO) is that it drives traffic to enables your mobile app to get discovered and stand out amongst the crowd, through higher ranking. This enables better visibility amongst potential customers. It is the largest discovery medium available for publicity and visibility of an app. Though it is a time taking process in terms of result projection, but continuously monitoring and tweaking of keywords, enable fair return on investments.

63% of apps are discovered through store searches 3

Why Us:

  • We ensure you are ranked amongst the top during an app store’s research results.
  • We conduct an in-depth analysis of your target customer profile, to enable us to match the optimum keyword for high impact during app. Searches
  • We engage audience effectively through articles, press releases, photos, blog posts, discussion participation and videos, thereby giving effective traction to your products and services
  • Our ASO experts will effectively run campaigns for increasing your rating and product reviews
  • We create appealing app Icons for enticing the customer to buy your product
  • Our Content experts ensure your service description is appealing to the audience, for purchase
  • Our dedicated ASO professionals are available 24x7x365 days to address any issues and concerns

Affiliate Marketing

One of the most effective ways for increasing web traffic, building relationship and simultaneously being cost effective is Affiliate Marketing. It helps your organization reach new customers across continents. There are numerous benefits of Affiliate marketing such as saving on additional manpower to conduct the program, low operational costs, you pay only when you obtain quality traffic from your advert. Indirectly your search engine ranks gets upgraded due to inbound links formed through network of advertisers. You don’t need to run expensive advertising campaigns but instead get yourself associated with affiliates and through their traction your traffic increases and you end up selling your products.

Why Us:

  • Our AM experts will bring unique opportunities to your business resulting in increased site traffic, additional customers and faster revenue generation
  • We have a mastery over numerous affiliate networks such as blogs, paid searches, download portals, review sites, social media and others, whom we have partnered with and which we use for optimal performance
  • We periodically measure the success of an affiliate program and ensure you get the maximum ROI
  • We will manage the running and monitoring of the entire Affiliate program and giving you periodic updates backed with solid data generation.
Affiliate Marketing

Advance Web Analytics

You have ventured out in digital marketing and are carrying out various campaigns, but unless you can’t measure, collect, analyze and report out the data, you will never know the effectiveness of various online activities you have spent money on. Here’s where Web Analytics comes handy. It ensures measuring of web traffic, assessing and improving the effectiveness of your website and conducting market research. Web analytics also helps in formulating online objectives, strategies and developing Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for you. Analytics also enables you to know the new and returning visitors, the demographic profile including location, gender and age, frequency of visits, traffic source from where they have come ie. Paid search, Social site, Organic search, Newsletter on direct traffic. You can even get minute details like visitors time spent on your website and whether they found what they were looking for. This would be very helpful on deciding your future strategies and digital marketing planning.

Why Us:

  • We have expertise in both off-site and on-site web analytic tools.
  • We are best in generating ‘ Real Time’ data on- the- fly, that is we tell you exactly what is happening and sort out the working and not –working activities
  • Our Web Analytics Experts have tremendous experience in working with Google Analytics, Clicky, Mint, Church Analytics, KISS metrics, Clicktail, Open web analytics, Piwik, CrazyEgg, and CloudFlare
  • We will help you in defining your online strategy, after thorough analysis of current going online programs

Online Advertising

Online advertising is the most wide spread channel in today’s advertising world. The benefits are numerous, such as; it ensures that the product awareness reaches vast audience in the shortest possible time. The cost of online advertising is much lower than traditional advertising and offers faster ROI. It is highly specific, you can choose the geography and demographic profile to whom you would like to advertise. Another advantage is that it has measurable results. There are various analytical tools which measures the effectiveness vs sales closure due to an advertisement.

Why Us:

We offer advertising in various modes: